After twenty-four hours of maneuvering the lattice streets, thinking in Spanish just to survive, eating heaps of tortillas, and working in an understocked, understaffed clinic, I want nothing more than to just go to sleep. Today,especially. Today, while working my first day at the Centro de Salud in San Lucas, Guatemala I saw twenty mothers under the age of eighteen. Most of them had their babies strapped to their back, effortlessly, but they all looked tired. None of them looked particually unhappy, just exhausted. I stood there holding a squirming baby while her mother's temperature was taken, and tried to imagine my life if I got pregnant at fourteen. I wouldn't be in Guatemala, I wouldn't be headed down this path, and I'd be a whole different breed of tired. Above all else, above the crying, and quick Spanish and coughing, I have a true respect for these young mothers. Althought it's not a life I know, I understood today that these women are incredibly selfless, strong, authentic, and in extreme need of a long, uninterrupted nap.

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